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Dear patients and Friends,   

We are conducting Clinical Studies, and we need your help. We are seeking volunteers to enroll in the following clinical studies:

  • MILK ALLERGY TEST – Infants 1 month to < 24 months of age, with suspected intestinal allergy to milk (colic, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, blood in stool, etc. Click here for more information!


  • INFANT PNEUMONIA VACCINE STUDY – Affinivax – Infants between age 42 to 90 days to receive new pneumonia vaccine in place of Prevnar along with regular immunizations Click here for more information!


  • RSV ANTIVIRAL FOR INFANTS AND CHILDREN – Enanta – Infants and children between 28 days and 36 months who have RSV respiratory infection. Symptoms must be < 7 days and positive test less than 3 days Click here for more information!



  • CDC INFLUENZA VACCINE STUDY – Infants and children less than 36 months who never received influenza vaccine or had documents influenza infection Click here for more information! 





  • ADOLESCENTS MENINGITIS VACCINE STUDY – Volunteers 16 to < 19 years of age to receive the regular 16-year-old shots in a study Click here for more information! 


  • RSV ANTIVIRAL FOR ADULTS – Enanta – High risk adults 18 years and older with RSV respiratory infection. The high-risk group includes cardiac and pulmonary chronic illness and those older than 65 years of age Click here for more information!


  • INFLUENZA VACCINE STUDY – Pfizer – Adults 65 years and older in stable health who has not yet received the flu vaccine for this season Click here for more information! 



Contact Information:

Velocity Office Hours 8-4:30 and office number (337) 451-0663

Text or call Dr. Atwi (337) 519-4742, Hang Luong (337) 322-0536, or Shelley Guilbeau (337) 247-1614

Thanks for your consideration!

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